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Alissa's technique, teaching method, and passion for her work really sets her apart from any other teacher I have come across before.

I initially approached her to learn some basic vocal technique for my own personal enjoyment. However, her lessons structure, exercises, and methods inspired from her opera singing experience really had an outstanding effect on my ability to effectively control my body to sing in tune and with a powerful voice. I now feel incredibly motivated to continue my training. In short, I can't recommend Alissa enough.


Daniel Rodriguez

Melbourne, Australia

I love my singing lessons with Alissa! I am a novice and wasn't sure what to expect. Now I look forward to the hour with Alissa every week. Alissa is a natural teacher who really thinks about what the student needs to move forward. She gives feedback in a way that is easy to hear (the last thing I want with my free time is negativity) and without sacrificing what's need to improve. I have learned a lot.

Tania Kadakia

Chicago, Illinois

Alissa is truly exceptional. Being classically trained but definitely rusty, I was nervous about starting up voice lessons again. In less than six months, Alissa has not only dramatically improved my technique, but helped build my confidence as a singer.

Whitney Baggett

Chicago, Illinois

I have been taking vocal lessons with Alissa for the past 9 months. Alissa is an approachable friendly teacher and she is open-minded to the structure of the lessons. During our sessions there is a good balance of practicing vocal techniques and working on my own songs. I’ve had three previous vocal coaches and by far I have made the most progress with Alissa’s teaching approach. From her guidance I have been able to completely change my singing technique for the better.

Georgina McLeod

Chicago, Illinois

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Alissa has taught voice lessons, music appreciation and history, Italian and German language and diction, and piano lessons through her private studio and various music schools in Italy, Germany, Australia, and currently in Chicago, Illinois. She is fluent in German, Italian, and English.


Alissa teaches at the Chicago School of Music in Chicago's River North neighborhood. Her private studio in Chicago is typically at capacity, but if you are interested in lessons, don't hesitate to inquire via her contact page.


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